Austrian delicacies with lake view
in the restaurant Pfefferbauer

At our restaurant you can enjoy traditional Austrian cooking, vension from local woods and delicacies made from our farm's products.

We offer home made bread, bacon, sausages as well as dairy products such as butter, various cheeses, buttermilk jam and snaps. The biggest part of the meat we use comes from our own livestock.

If you order in advance we will cook local delicacies like Ripperl, Stelzen, vension and much more.


Pinzgauer Kasnocken
Small, shapeless dumplings with melted cheese,
served with green salad

Sliced turkey meat in spicy sauce, served with chanterelle
and small, shapeless dumplings

Wiener Schnitzel
Viennese Schnitzel with parsley potatoes

Bauern Cordon bleu
Cordon bleu filled with ham, onions and cheese,
served with parley potatoes

Pinzgauer Specknocken
Small, shapeless dumplings with ham, served with green salad

2 pieces Kaspressknödel
Cheese dumplings with soup and green salad

Variety of ham, served with butter and bread

Variety of cheese, ham and sausage, served with bread

Variety of cheese, ham and sausage for 2 persons,
accompanied by Schnaps

Char fillet, Fettucine in cream sauce,
served with julienne root vegetable

Opening hours for the next 7 days

Our standard opening hours:

Closed all day Monday
Tuesday until Friday open from 5 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday open from 11 a.m.

Hot meals served until 08.30 p.m.

We look forward to your table reservation

Phone: +43 6542 / 73450

We ask for your understanding that pets are unfortunately not allowed in the rooms and restaurant area.
Your pets are very welcome on the sun terrace.