Museums & Open Air Museum in Salzbuger Land

Excursion tips in the province of Salzburg

There's a lot to discover in the Salzburger Land region -
even on days when the weather is not quite so nice

Salzburger Land offers a variety of museums and open-air museums that provide insight into the history and culture of the region. Here are some of the most interesting museums and open-air museums in Salzburger Land:

Haus der Natur: The Haus der Natur in Salzburg is a natural history museum that offers a variety of exhibits on the region's fauna, flora, geology and ecology. There is also a planetarium and a science center where not only children spend a lot of hours.

Salzburg Museum: The Salzburg Museum is located in the Neue Residenz in the old town of Salzburg and offers exhibitions about the history and culture of the city and the region. There is also an impressive collection of paintings, furniture and handicrafts from centuries past.

Celtic Museum Hallein: The Celtic Museum Hallein is one of the most important archaeological museums in Austria and shows the history and culture of the Celts in the region. Very impressive is the exhibition about the history of salt extraction, which is closely connected with the Celtic culture.

Open-Air Museum Großgmain: The Open-Air Museum Großgmain is an open-air museum dedicated to traditional rural culture and architecture in the Salzburger Land region. Visitors can visit historic farmhouses, barns, mills and workshops and get a feel for what life was like in the region in the past.

Salzburger Freilichtmuseum: The Salzburger Freilichtmuseum is an open-air museum dedicated to rural culture and architecture in the Salzburger Land. There are over 100 historic buildings from different eras and regions, including farmhouses, mills, chapels and schools.

Museum der Moderne: The Museum der Moderne on the Mönchsberg in Salzburg is an art museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art. The collection includes works by artists from Austria and around the world, including paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations.

Silent Night Museum: The Silent Night Museum in Hallein tells the story of the famous Christmas carol "Silent Night". Visitors can see the original version of the song and learn more about how the song came to be and how it spread around the world.

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